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Main products

We offer a broad range of technologies and various kinds of products.

We help various industries by providing a wide range of applied and advanced proprietary technologies.

Since its inception, CKD has researched and developed various kinds of products while constantly predicting and meeting future needs as a pioneer in automation technology.

Today, our product lineups have tens of thousands of items, and we play an active role in a broad range of industrial fields. With our comprehensive technological strengths, we can develop creative products in cohort with customers.

Automatic Machinery

Our cross-industrial lineups of automated machine systems include “systems for making lamps and bulbs” (inheriting CKD’s founding tradition), “automatic packaging machines” (mainly for pharmaceuticals and foods), and “secondary battery manufacturing systems” and “solder paste inspection machines.” CKD is pursuing factory automation in the form of unmanned processes and quality improvement, by taking from these applied technologies an electronic eye that enables “measurement and inspection by image processing and recognition.”

Lithium-ion battery winding machine
Solder paste inspection machine
Automatic pharmaceutical packaging machine
Automatic food packaging machine

Labor-saving Components

We have always had this long-term theme for the development and manufacturing of automated devices — “Higher precision, faster operation and lower costs.” Valuing this perpetual theme of ours, we have created labor-saving components that reflect our original viewpoint and technological strengths. These products are based on customer needs. The lineup includes “Index Units,” “Direct Drive Motors” and “Pick and Place Units” that can effectively pick up work pieces with the highest degree of performance in terms of control, output, rigidity, speed and smoothness.

Index units
Direct drive motors