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President's Message

Challenge for Higher Goal

Our company was originally established under the name of “Japan Aircraft Electric Co., Ltd.” in 1943.
In 1945, we renamed the company “Chukyo Electric Co., Ltd.” and started developing, designing, and manufacturing automatic machinery such as vacuum tune manufacturing machines and fluorescent lamp manufacturing machines.
More than 70 years have passed since our founding. And now, CKD has 500,000 items for customers to choose from, as we work with 140 product categories of automatic machines and 7,000 product categories of pneumatic and fluid control components.
Owing to continuous efforts to increase sales and production capacities, CKD’s products are widely known and used by a large number of customers both in Japan and abroad.

In terms of our sales capacity, we have established subsidiaries in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mexico,
in order to have a customer-oriented system that meets the diverse and detailed needs of customers.
As for our production capacity, we have recently established a subsidiary in Indonesia
as our fifth overseas plant where, along with our plants in Thailand and Malaysia,
we are producing pneumatic components for customers in the rapidly growing countries of Southeast Asia.
On the product front, we are continuously developing products to meet global standards
by incorporating opinions of customers both in Japan and abroad into business processes.

We will never be satisfied with the status quo,
and will keep striving to achieve higher goals for the future
by globalizing our sales, production and products.

Guided by our Corporate Commitment, we will also continue
our efforts to contribute to the “development of a better world”
and the “creation of a sustainable society” through our business activities.